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MarketInOut Stock Screener helps you find the best trading opportunities across multiple markets using a wide variety of technical and fundamental selection criteria. The Stock Screener uses the advanced features that suit both the beginner and the more experienced trader. You can select criteria from many categories including trend analysis, momentum and oscillators, price and volume action, Japanese candlesticks, point-and-figure, Renko charting, line studies, pattern recognition, relative strength and profitability measures, financial metrics, volatility, price distribution systems and many other advanced techniques. Screen for stocks in the US, UK & Europe, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and India; or filter by exchange, sector, or industry, to find the best stocks. By including companies traded on foreign exchanges, you can find trading opportunities that others have overlooked. You can customize the Stock Screener to indicate hourly (for IEX echange), daily, weekly or monthly time periods. It is also possible to narrow the stock universe to a specific list of stocks utilizing watch list criteria in the Stock Screener. With one click, you can export a stock's raw data to Excel and perform additional calculations.


  • Widest variety of selection criteria leveraged by flexible stock screening tools
  • Unique methodology using proprietary algorithms for technical event recognition
  • 18 of the world's largest exchanges, Forex and crypto currencies are available, ability to narrow stock screening to a list of index components or a custom list of stocks
  • Stock Backtester tool allows you to examine custom stock screens and trading strategies on historical data
  • Powerful and easy-to-use Portfolio Tracker tool helps to monitor your real trading accounts or experiment with various trading strategies before going live
  • Stock Chart and Technical Analyzer visual tools are provided for monitoring your favorite symbol's performance, including Renko and P&F charts
  • Ability to set up a Trade Alert for certain stock and technical signals, or a Price Alert to be notified via e-mail or SMS when a stock reaches a specific price level
  • Stock Correlation and Stock Calculator tools can help you to diversify your trading positions and enable you to control risks in more sophisticated ways

  • Membership gives you free access to some pages on the site to let you better understand the features provided, but it requires a membership to access report pages. You can check out available subscription options on our Sign Up page. Six-month, one-year, and two-year memberships are available, and these can be purchased either by credit card, check, or PayPal. Any payment is non-refundable, and it's not recurring. You will not be billed when the membership expires. To renew your membership, purchase a new membership plan at the Sign Up page. Use the same e-mail address you used to log in to keep all your settings intact.

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     Portfolio Tracker
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