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The stock quote data we use in our service is not real-time, but our goal was always to minimize the delay and get data as close to the current intraday data as possible. Only hourly (for IEX exchange), daily, weekly and monthly periods are supported. Other periods (e.g., 15 minutes, 5 minutes) are not available.

Stock quotes can be delayed up to 5 minutes for NASDAQ, NYSE, TSX, TSXV, LSE, and 20 minutes for all other exchanges. To realize data timestamp that a screen is created on, switch to Timestamp view on the stocks results page. Timestamp column will appear displaying 'as of' date and time for each stock. Timestamp value can be different for each stock, it depends on how actively this or another stock is traded on a corresponding stock exchange. Be aware that the timestamp value may show previous day's value for stocks that are not actively traded.

stock screen timestamp view

Supported Stock Exchanges

MarketInOut supports the largest stock exchanges in the world. You should be able to specify one or many exchanges in Universe > Exchange criteria group in Stock Screener tool.

 NYSE  New York Stock Exchange
 NASDAQ  NASDAQ Stock Market
 OTC  Other the counter
 OTCBB  OTC Bulletin Board
 LSE  London Stock Exchange
 TSX  Toronto Stock Exchange
 TSXV  TSX Venture Exchange
 ASX  Australian Securities Exchange
 NSE  National Stock Exchange
 BSE  Bombay Stock Exchange
 SGX  Singapore Exchange
 HKSE  Hong Kong Stock Exchange
 XETRA  Frankfurt Stock Exchange
 TADAWUL  Saudi Arabia Exchange
 MOEX  Moscow Exchange
 BM  Bursa Malaysia
 ISE  Indonesia Stock Exchange

Data Providers

We collaborate with many data providers to collect stock quotes and fundamental data for the exchanges provided.
data providers

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