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Stock Screener Parameters

You should be able to specify the following parameters for your screen:

Use this parameter to specify which periods to use for technical criteria in your screener; hourly (for IEX exchange), daily, weekly or monthly. If you do not specify any value, it will use daily by default.

Historical Screening
This option allows you to specify certain date in the past, or shift value by a specified number of bars, and the screener will show you stock results as of the corresponding date.

Send on regular basis
If turned on, the service will send you the screen to your e-mail address on a regular basis.

Screen Alert
If your screen has very strict criteria, it may return an empty list of matched stocks. This option enables a feature that will alert you when new stocks are added to the screen. Please note, if the screen displays some stocks now and some of the stocks were removed from the screen, the alert will not be sent. We highly recommend use either e-mail or Telegram Messenger delivery methods. Receiving alerts via SMS text is not guaranteed.

stock screener parameters

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