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You can select a sector or industry as one of the stock screening criteria in the Stock Screener or the Formula Stock Screener. The list of all supported sectors and industries is given below. In the Stock Screener tool, a sector or industry is selected by name from the Stock Universe criteria category. In the Formula Screener, a sector or industry condition can be added using the corresponding sector or industry functions the examples of which are given below.

List of Sectors

 Sector Formula Token
Basic Materialsbasic_materials
Consumer Defensiveconsumer_defensive
Consumer Cyclicalconsumer_cyclical
Financial Servicesfinancial_services
Communication Servicescommunication_services
Real Estatereal_estate

Formula usage example: sector(consumer_cyclical,healthcare,technology)

The formula expression for screening Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) remains operational without the need for change: sector(etf). However, it is worth noting that the formula expression sector(etf) will be equivalent to the expression type(fund) using the recently added function type, and the expression not sector(etf) will be equivalent to type(stock).

List of Industries

 Code Sector Industry
110Basic MaterialsChemicals
112Basic MaterialsAgricultural Inputs
113Basic MaterialsSpecialty Chemicals
130Basic MaterialsSteel
131Basic MaterialsCopper
132Basic MaterialsAluminum
133Basic MaterialsOther Industrial Metals & Mining
134Basic MaterialsGold
135Basic MaterialsSilver
136Basic MaterialsNonmetallic Mineral Mining
137Basic MaterialsOther Precious Metals & Mining
138Basic MaterialsCoking Coal
324Basic MaterialsPaper & Paper Products
632Basic MaterialsLumber & Wood Production
634Basic MaterialsBuilding Materials
734Consumer DefensiveGrocery Stores
732Consumer DefensiveDiscount Stores
766Consumer DefensiveEducation & Training Services
757Consumer DefensiveFood Distribution
323Consumer DefensiveHousehold & Personal Products
340Consumer DefensivePackaged Foods
341Consumer DefensiveFarm Products
345Consumer DefensiveConfectioners
346Consumer DefensiveBeverages - Brewers
347Consumer DefensiveBeverages - Wineries & Distilleries
348Consumer DefensiveBeverages - Non-Alcoholic
350Consumer DefensiveTobacco
351Consumer CyclicalTravel Services
352Consumer CyclicalInternet Retail
325Consumer CyclicalPackaging & Containers
330Consumer CyclicalAuto Manufacturers
332Consumer CyclicalRecreational Vehicles
333Consumer CyclicalAuto Parts
311Consumer CyclicalFurnishings Fixtures & Appliances
320Consumer CyclicalApparel Manufacturing
321Consumer CyclicalFootwear & Accessories
710Consumer CyclicalLodging
711Consumer CyclicalResorts & Casinos
712Consumer CyclicalRestaurants
714Consumer CyclicalGambling
715Consumer CyclicalLeisure
762Consumer CyclicalPersonal Services
736Consumer CyclicalHome Improvement Retail
739Consumer CyclicalSpecialty Retail
742Consumer CyclicalLuxury Goods
744Consumer CyclicalAuto & Truck Dealerships
628Consumer CyclicalTextile Manufacturing
630Consumer CyclicalResidential Construction
730Consumer CyclicalApparel Retail
731Consumer CyclicalDepartment Stores
827Financial ServicesFinancial Data & Stock Exchanges
928Financial ServicesBanks - Regional
210Financial ServicesShell Companies
447Financial ServicesMortgage Finance
450Financial ServicesFinancial Conglomerates
451Financial ServicesInsurance - Diversified
452Financial ServicesInsurance - Reinsurance
417Financial ServicesBanks - Diversified
420Financial ServicesCapital Markets
422Financial ServicesAsset Management
424Financial ServicesCredit Services
430Financial ServicesInsurance - Life
431Financial ServicesInsurance - Specialty
432Financial ServicesInsurance - Property & Casualty
434Financial ServicesInsurance Brokers
512HealthcareDrug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
520HealthcareMedical Instruments & Supplies
521HealthcareMedical Devices
522HealthcareHealthcare Plans
524HealthcareMedical Care Facilities
525HealthcareDiagnostics & Research
529HealthcareDrug Manufacturers - General
733HealthcarePharmaceutical Retailers
754HealthcareMedical Distribution
825HealthcareHealth Information Services
764IndustrialsStaffing & Employment Services
765IndustrialsSecurity & Protection Services
760IndustrialsSpecialty Business Services
761IndustrialsRental & Leasing Services
769IndustrialsConsulting Services
772IndustrialsAirports & Air Services
773IndustrialsIntegrated Freight & Logistics
775IndustrialsMarine Shipping
751IndustrialsBuilding Products & Equipment
752IndustrialsIndustrial Distribution
635IndustrialsInfrastructure Operations
636IndustrialsEngineering & Construction
637IndustrialsWaste Management
836IndustrialsElectrical Equipment & Parts
611IndustrialsAerospace & Defense
620IndustrialsFarm & Heavy Construction Machinery
622IndustrialsSpecialty Industrial Machinery
623IndustrialsPollution & Treatment Controls
624IndustrialsTools & Accessories
626IndustrialsMetal Fabrication
313IndustrialsBusiness Equipment & Supplies
721Communication ServicesAdvertising Agencies
722Communication ServicesEntertainment
723Communication ServicesBroadcasting
727Communication ServicesPublishing
840Communication ServicesTelecom Services
851Communication ServicesInternet Content & Information
820Communication ServicesElectronic Gaming & Multimedia
824TechnologyInformation Technology Services
826TechnologySoftware - Infrastructure
815TechnologyComputer Hardware
755TechnologyElectronics & Computer Distribution
841TechnologyCommunication Equipment
837TechnologyScientific & Technical Instruments
834TechnologySemiconductor Equipment & Materials
835TechnologyElectronic Components
925TechnologySoftware - Application
314TechnologyConsumer Electronics
911UtilitiesUtilities - Regulated Electric
912UtilitiesUtilities - Regulated Gas
913UtilitiesUtilities - Diversified
914UtilitiesUtilities - Regulated Water
918UtilitiesUtilities - Independent Power Producers
919UtilitiesUtilities - Renewable
920EnergyThermal Coal
150EnergyOil & Gas Drilling
120EnergyOil & Gas Integrated
121EnergyOil & Gas E&P
122EnergyOil & Gas Refining & Marketing
124EnergyOil & Gas Equipment & Services
125EnergyOil & Gas Midstream
440Real EstateREIT - Diversified
441Real EstateREIT - Office
442Real EstateREIT - Healthcare Facilities
443Real EstateREIT - Hotel & Motel
444Real EstateREIT - Industrial
445Real EstateREIT - Residential
446Real EstateREIT - Retail
471Real EstateReal Estate - Diversified
472Real EstateREIT - Mortgage
473Real EstateREIT - Specialty
448Real EstateReal Estate Services
449Real EstateReal Estate - Development

Formula usage example: industry(131,134,135)


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