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  • Unique technical Selection Criteria provided by the best in the industry Technical Stock Screener tool
  • Screening of NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX shares, ETF securities, Forex and crypto currencies, metals, stocks from many International Exchanges like LSE, TSX, ASX, NSE, SGX and HKSE
  • Ability to build Custom Screens with wide variety of technical indicators
  • Stock Backtester tool allows to examine custom stock screens and trading strategies on historical data
  • Powerful and easy-to-use Portfolio Tracker tool helps to monitor your real trading accounts or experiment with various trading strategies before going live
  • Provides Stock Chart and Technical Analyzer - visual tools for monitoring your favorite symbol's performance, including Renko and P&F charts
  • Ability to set up a Trade Alert for certain stock and technical signal pair or a Price Alert to be notified via e-mail or sms when stock reaches some price level
  • Stock Correlation and Stock Calculator tools can help you to diversify your trading positions and enable you to control risks in more sophisticated way


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