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Frequently Asked Questions
What subscription options are available?
You can check out available subscription options on our signup page. Six-month, one-year, and two-year memberships are available and these can be purchased either by credit card, check, or PayPal.
Why am I unable to access the My Account page?
Please check to make sure that you are first signed in to your account, as this is the only way to access your My Account page.
Stock Screeners
Are the screens you provide in real-time?
No, but they are built on data that updates in 5 minute intervals. For stock screeners, in "Timestamp" view, the "as of" date and time column is displayed.
What time periods does the Stock Screener indicate?
You can customize the Stock Screener to indicate daily, weekly or monthly time periods. Hourly periods are also available but are supported for IEX exchange only. Other periods (e.g., 15 minutes, 5 minutes) are not available.
Are technical indicators parameterizable on your screeners?
Yes, they are parameterizable by using the Stock Screener tool. Click on the technical indicator you want to parameterize, and a parameter input box will appear. Specify the parameter value, select the technical event, and click the Add Criterion button. The screener will now be ready to run on the stock universe.
Can my selected trading stocks be sorted by a certain criteria?
Yes, this can be done by utilizing the Watch List criteria in the Basic Stock Screener tool. Create a watch list to add your favorite stocks to, and select it as criteria for screening by using the Stock Screener tool under Universe - My Watch Lists criteria group.
Can I run a Stock Screener on ETFs?
Yes, by using the Stock Screener and selecting the Universe category. Click on the Sector group, turn on the ETF option, and select the Add Criterion button. This will enable the ETF universe to be added to the screener's criteria. The same method can also be used for other screener types.
What is backtesting and how is it helpful?
Backtesting allows you to examine your stock screening strategies based on historical data. If you have developed a strategy with which you are ready to go live, the Backtesting feature will use your selected data to help determine if your methods are viable and potentially successful.
How does backtesting work?
When you create a stock screening strategy that contains all necessary criteria and the selected historical year for comparison, backtesting applies this information and simulates trades for every matched stock based on each day of the selected year. Any matching stocks will be put into your virtual portfolio and any that are not will be ignored. Even if some stocks, however, do match the criteria, they will still be ignored if there are no vacant positions in the portfolio. Traders typically do not add a large number of stocks to their portfolio, because its purpose is to control risks (20-30 stocks generally suffice). Portfolio size can be specified along with other parameters during strategy creation. Also, if some stocks in the virtual portfolio conform to exit criteria, stop loss, or take profit condition, the corresponding position will be closed. Users can specify the criteria for closing positions. In this case, stocks that were purchased earlier are sold and will be reflected in simulated trades. The position is then closed which allows for vacancies in the portfolio. The trading simulator takes several seconds to perform the analysis. Testing results and a list of executed virtual trades are displayed on the backtesting report page.
Are your charts interactive?
No, unfortunately our charts are not interactive.
Trade Alerts
Can I set up the same trade alerts for multiple stocks?
Yes, you can do this by using the regular stock screener tool. Build a stock screen with corresponding technical criteria and click on the "Alert me via email when new stocks are added to the screen" option. You will also need to create a new Watch List by listing your favorite stocks and then specifying the name of the Watch List in the Stock Screener criteria under Universe - My Watch List criteria group. You will receive an email alert if at least one stock passes the technical criteria.

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