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What's New
A new type of strategy optimization
A new type of strategy optimization Position Maintenance has been added to the Optimization tab of the Backtester tool. This will help you to find the best position maintenance options for your trading strategy. Two types of optimization are currently available: Top Performers and Position Maintenance. You can switch to the type you need by selecting the appropriate item in the Optimization Type field.
New stock exchanges added
Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) and Shanghai Stock Exchange (SHSE) have been added to the product. For them, all the same functionality is available as for other exchanges. To screen these exchanges, select the appropriate items in the Stock Universe criteria category of the Stock Screener tool.
Access to a trading position in the backtesting tool
As you know, a formula expression can be used as a criteria for closing a position in the Strategy Backtest tool. This can be done by ticking the Extract criteria from screen option and selecting the appropriate formula screen. Now in this formula, you can get the value of the price at which the position was opened using the posprice literal. You can find some examples of using this literal on the Formula Screener help page.
Linear Regression Channel Indicator
The Linear Regression Channel indicator (LRC) has been added to the product. This indicator plots a linear regression line and two other lines that are a specified standard deviation away. The indicator has two parameters. The first parameter is the number of bars to use in the calculation, and the second parameter is the number of standard deviations to use to draw the channel above and below the Linear Regression Line. The Linear Regression Channel indicator is typically used to analyze the upper and lower limits of an existing trend. It helps traders to find optimal entry and exit points during price tendencies on the chart. You can find LRC criteria in the "Line Studies" - "Price" category of the Stock Screener tool. For example, a condition for a price to cross a linear regression line would read Price Crossed Above Middle Line of LRC(100,2). Of course, you can also use the linear regression channel lines in a formula expression.

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