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Article Stock Screening - got eagle eyes?
You need to have Eagle eyes to catch the pattern formation in the charts. Right screening tool can catch the chart patterns and save you with some good money. If you have selected the trading instrument and if you know the set of filter criteria to use, 'stock screener' tool can pick you stocks you need to fly with. Learn more

Article Technical Analysis - have the right tools and discipline?
Technical Analysis of stock trading is an art as well as science. Wondering how? It involves expression of creative skill and imagination and hence it's an art. It's also a science because it encompasses systematic study of the structure and behavior of stock trading. Making money in trading doesn't need a scholar but it requires great discipline and right tools coupled with timely execution. Learn more

Article Forex Traders Must Focus on a Few Technical Indicators to be Effective
One of the favorite pastimes of many forex traders is to research and test one of the thousands of technical indicators that have been developed over the years. In his mind, it is almost like panning for gold. Learn more

Article Technical Analysis: Part 1 - What is It and Why Do I Need to Know?
It is amazing how little formal training each of us ever receives about investing during our structured period of education. The simple fact of life is that we all need to save for our futures, and once savings are accumulated, we need to know how to invest those sums safely and with confidence. Learn more

Article Technical Analysis: Part 2 - Trading on the News is Popular in All Markets
In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the basics of what Technical Analysis is and how it can help both a short-term and long-term investor to optimize his entry and exit points in any market, whether for securities, commodities, or foreign exchange. Learn more

Article The Ratio Write: Expanding the Covered Call
Options traders will agree that covered call writing is profitable and conservative. This article proposes an expansion of the theory, and demonstrates that a ratio write yields more profit without adding significantly to market risk. Learn more

Article Alternatives to Shorting Stock at Swing Tops
Swing traders have a dilemma: Getting in with long positions at the bottom is easy, but shorting stock at the top is much more problematical. This article proposes a low-risk alternative to going short. Learn more

Article The Basic Covered Call
A covered call is a conservative options strategy that, structured properly, generates double digit returns in your portfolio. As with all options, risks have to be understood before positions are opened. Learn more

Article Chaikin Money Flow, Part I
Every technician seeks a reliable, simple, and accurate indicator or series of indicators to point out momentum and reversal. Among the dozens of possible indicators, Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) is one of the most promising. Learn more

Article Chaikin Money Flow, Part II
The Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) is most valuable when it is used as a confirming indicator. Learn more

Article Swing Trading Signals Worth Looking For
Swing traders rely on strong reversal signals to time entry and exit. It's all a matter of timing. Learn more

Article Options Trading Basics
Options trading is changing everything. The Internet, expanded trading potential at lower cost, and faster execution of trades have all taken the once-exotic options market into the mainstream. Learn more

Article Candlestick Basics
Are you candlestick-literate? The widely used candlestick chart is easy to read but also contains some less obvious but valuable clues about momentum and reversal. Learn more

Article What is Income Investing?
If you want to create a steady stream of income for yourself or your company it may be time to look into how to create a reliable source of income from income investing. Learn more

Article Bollinger Bands, Local Peaks and Fibonacci Levels
The more you study technical analysis, the more convinced that dig deep into better than digging in breadth. In search of your own desired indicator you should not go too far. For several reasons. Learn more

Article Market Facilitation Index (MFI)
Market Facilitation Index - short description of this indicator and signals it can generate. Learn more

Article Thomas DeMark Approach - Part I - Pivot Points and TD-Lines
The main merit of Thomas Demark was that he attempted to formalize many of the techniques of technical analysis, which are very difficult to describe in mathematical language, i.e. show a clear and unambiguous algorithm. Learn more

Article Thomas DeMark Approach - Part II - Trendline Breakout Qualifiers
After TD-line breakout trader is to determine the truth of a price breakout. Thomas Demark singled out three validity criteria of the breakout - TD Breakout Qualifiers. Learn more

Article Thomas DeMark Approach - Part III - Price Projections
After determining a trend line breakout validity the trader stands in front of the problem of determining breakout's price targets, i.e., to what are the levels the price will continue to move to after the breakout. Learn more

Article Thomas DeMark Approach - Part IV - Demarker Indicator
How to determine the strength of the trend: The indicator of Demark (Demarker Indicator) Learn more

Article Thomas DeMark Approach - Part V - Sequential Mechanical Trading System
Sequential is a mechanical trading system, developed by Thomas Demark. Learn more

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