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Market Facilitation Index (MFI)

The indicator is calculated as follows:


HIGH - the highest price of the current bar;
LOW - the lowest price for the current bar;
VOLUME - volume of the current bar.

Signals of Market Facilitation Index (MFI):

  • The simultaneous growth of MFI and volume says that more and more players enter the market (increasing volume), and new players take positions in the direction of the bar.
  • The simultaneous drop of MFI and volume of talk about reducing the interest of participants to the dynamics of the price.
  • MFI rose, and the volume down - the market does not support such a dynamic price. Price Change - the result of speculation.
  • MFI fell, and the volume increased - a fierce battle between bulls and bears (the amount raised), but the forces are roughly equal (the indicator has fallen). This bar B. Williams called "curtsying". Typically, a breakthrough of such a bar is very important in terms of future price movement.
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