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List of Technical Events

The following table contains the complete list of technical events that can be used in formula expression. They can also be accessed using the Formula Expression Helper tool.

 Technical Events
EventExplanationFormula sample
caCrossed Aboveema(7) ca ema(50)
cbCrossed Belowema(7) cb ema(50)
iaIs Aboveprice ia ema(50)
ibIs Belowprice ib ema(50)
tochaTouched Aboveprice tocha sma(50)
tochbTouched Belowprice tochb sma(50)
bon_upBounced Up Fromprice bon_up bblb(20,2)
bon_dnBounced Down Fromprice bon_dn bbub(20,2)
div_bullBullish Divergencersi(14) div_bull
div_bearBearish Divergencersi(14) div_bear
trend_upTrending Upprice trend_up 7
trend_dnTrending Downprice trend_dn 7


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