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Trade Alert

Trade Alerts can be set to send a message when specific technical events take place for a specific stock. Multiple stocks can be specified by entering symbols separated by commas.

To create a technical event, click the Open button. On the window that opens, you can build new signals by choosing a criteria category, the criteria group, and then the parameter and the trigger. To add the signal to the alert, click the Add Criterion button. Multiple signals can be added to each alert. When all the signals are added, you can click Done.

Set the alert Type, to Once to receive the alert only the first time the alert is triggered, or Continuous, to keep receiving alerts each time the alert is triggered. Continuous alerts will only be sent once per trading session.

Alerts can be sent by SMS, e-mail, or Telegram Messenger. Telegram Messenger is the recommended delivery method as it is both more robust and safer. If using the e-mail option, it is recommended to configure mailbox settings to allow mail from the domain and to check the spam folder. Your trade alerts can be viewed by clicking the My Trade Alerts tab at the top of the page, where they can be edited, disabled or deleted.

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