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1.Exchange: SES
2.New 252-Bar High
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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 AGS.SI   The Hour Glass Limited  Jewelry Stores Services SES 525  0.800  0.045 6.0 3,362,000
 BFK.SI   Pharmesis International Ltd.  Drug Manufacturers - Major Healthcare SES 5  0.450  0.05 12.5 5,000
 BWCU.SI   Ec World Reit  REIT - Industrial Financial SES 620  0.785  0.005 0.6 378,600
 EB5.SI   First Resources Limited  Farm Products Consumer Goods SES 2,900  1.850  0.03 1.6 1,557,900
 IX2.SI   Pec Ltd.  Oil & Gas Equipment & Services Basic Materials SES 152  0.635  0.025 4.1 715,800
 M14.SI   Innotek Limited  Metal Fabrication Industrial Goods SES 122  0.585  0.04 7.3 2,726,500
 V01.SI   Vicom Ltd  Business Services Services SES 595  6.790  -0.01 -0.1 13,200
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