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1.Exchange: LSE
2.New 252-Bar High
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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 ACWU.L   Multi Units France  Exchange Traded Fund Financial LSE   209.35  0.65 0.3 1,652
 AGR.L   Assura Group Ld  REIT - Healthcare Facilities Financial LSE 1,800  75.30  0.60 0.8 3,367,885
 ARTL.L   Alpha Real Trust Limited  Closed End Funds Financial LSE 109  187.94  1.14 0.6 4,512
 ASXDIGEQ.L   FTSE All Share Digital S    LSE   266,525.00  1,307.00 0.5 0
 AVST.L   Avast Plc  Internet Information Providers Technology LSE 3,980  406.60  2.20 0.5 4,043,456
 BC94.L   Samsung Electronics Co L  Electronic Equipment Consumer Goods LSE 290,739  1,085.282  14.28 1.3 1
 BLND.L   British Land Company Plc  REIT - Retail Financial LSE 5,910  638.40  0.20 0.031 4,680,200
 CKN.L   Clarkson Plc  Business Services Services LSE 873  2,865.00  -15.00 -0.5 19,083
 CSRU.L   CS ETF [Ie] Plc  Exchange Traded Fund Financial LSE   136.77  3.39 2.5 5,100
 DH2O.L   Ishares II Plc  Exchange Traded Fund Financial LSE   46.37  -0.07 -0.2 1,976
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