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1.Exchange: TADAWUL
2.New 252-Bar High
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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 1040.SA   Saudi Hollandi  Banks Financial TADAWUL 21,950  19.58  0.28 1.5 1,587,561
 1060.SA   SABB  Banks Financial TADAWUL 62,550  41.00  -0.65 -1.6 995,161
 3040.SA   Qassim Cement  Industrial Metals & Minerals Basic Materials TADAWUL 4,070  46.85  1.50 3.3 165,736
 4300.SA   Dar Al Arkan  Real Estate Development Financial TADAWUL 11,770  12.04  0.70 6.2 48,582,783
 6020.SA   Qassim Agriculture  Farm Products Consumer Goods TADAWUL 333  12.48  0.44 3.7 4,250,007
 7030.SA   ZAIN KSA  Wireless Communications Technology TADAWUL 6,770  12.30  0.46 3.9 10,057,553
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