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1.Exchange: NSE
2.Price Rising On Unusual Volume
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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 MVL.NS   MVL Limited  Real Estate Development Financial NSE 114  0.15  0.05 50.0 5,008,465
 QUICKHEAL.NS   Quick Heal Technologies Limited  Technical & System Software Technology NSE 7,350  141.50  3.25 2.4 1,738,998
 JAYSREETEA.NS   Jayshree Tea & Industries Limited    NSE 1,430  56.05  2.80 5.3 1,604,892
 HARRMALAYA.NS   Harrisons Malayalam Limited  Farm Products Consumer Goods NSE 899  64.90  7.30 12.7 1,268,309
 ITDC.NS   India Tourism Development Corporation Limited  Lodging Services NSE 14,220  247.05  21.15 9.4 482,924
 ADSL.NS   Allied Digital Services Limited  Information Technology Services Technology NSE 677  15.50  1.25 8.8 351,433
 MALUPAPER.NS   Malu Paper Mills Limited  Paper & Paper Products Consumer Goods NSE 337  30.90  2.75 9.8 271,549
 KREBSBIO.NS   Krebs Biochemicals and Industries Limited  Drug Manufacturers - Major Healthcare NSE 1,350  86.00  2.00 2.4 13,046
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