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1.Exchange: TSX
2.Average Volume, mln Is Greater Than 0.5
3.Average Volume, mln Is Less Than 1
4.Change From Prev Close, % Is Greater Than 5
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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 AR.TO   Argonaut Gold Inc  Gold Basic Materials TSX 368  2.26  0.12 5.6 614,525
 ER.TO   Eastmain Res J  Gold Basic Materials TSX 38  0.20  0.025 14.3 1,859,575
 FR.TO   First Majestic Silver Corp Common  Silver Basic Materials TSX 2,070  12.92  0.76 6.3 2,142,988
 OSK.TO   Osisko Mining Inc  Industrial Metals & Minerals Basic Materials TSX 853  3.56  0.24 7.2 1,002,192
 PG.TO   Premier Gold Mines Ltd  Gold Basic Materials TSX 431  2.33  0.22 10.4 1,123,682
 S.TO   Sherritt Intl Rv  Industrial Metals & Minerals Basic Materials TSX 95  0.29  0.025 9.4 3,700,038
 SWY.TO   Stornoway Diamond Corp  Industrial Metals & Minerals Basic Materials TSX 23  0.03  0.005 20.0 870,935
 YRB.TO   Yorbeau Resources Inc  Gold Basic Materials TSX 9.80  0.035  0.005 16.7 126,950
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