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1.Exchange: HKSE
2.Average Volume, mln Is Greater Than 0.5
3.Average Volume, mln Is Less Than 1
4.Change From Prev Close, % Is Greater Than 5
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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 0141.HK   Sky Chinafortune Holdings Group Ltd. Real Estate Services Real Estate HKSE 134.7  0.75  0.27 56.25 196,000
 0217.HK   China Chengtong Development Group Ltd. Capital Markets Financial Services HKSE 1,126.9  0.166  0.011 7.1 3,320,000
 0223.HK   Elife Holdings Ltd. Capital Markets Financial Services HKSE 207.62  0.052  0.003 6.12 40,000
 0274.HK   China Billion Resources Ltd. Gold Basic Materials HKSE 257.84  0.18  0.042 30.43 217,500
 0280.HK   King Fook Holdings Ltd. Luxury Goods Consumer Cyclical HKSE 232.98  0.27  0.015 5.88 446,000
 0376.HK   Yunfeng Financial Group Ltd. Capital Markets Financial Services HKSE 9,992.31  3.80  0.22 6.15 2,306,000
 0505.HK   Huan Yue Interactive Holdings Ltd. Copper Basic Materials HKSE 757.54  1.03  0.06 6.19 1,119,000
 0583.HK   Great Wall Pan Asia Holdings Ltd. Real Estate Services Real Estate HKSE 783.87  0.54  0.06 12.5 504,000
 0718.HK   Tai United Holdings Ltd. Medical Distribution Healthcare HKSE 504  0.08  0.005 6.67 690,000
 0766.HK   Sino Prosper (Group) Holdings Ltd. Credit Services Financial Services HKSE 53.26  0.034  0.002 6.25 215,000
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