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1.Exchange: BM
2.Average Volume, mln Is Greater Than 0.5
3.Average Volume, mln Is Less Than 1
4.Change From Prev Close, % Is Greater Than 5
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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 0092.KL   MTOUCHE TECHNOLOGY BERHAD  Diversified Communication Services Technology BM 33  0.065  0.005 8.3 353,200
 5171.KL   KIMLUN CORPORATION BERHAD  Farm & Construction Machinery Industrial Goods BM 388  1.36  0.07 5.4 901,800
 7029.KL   MASTER-PACK GROUP BERHAD  Packaging & Containers Consumer Goods BM 44  0.825  0.065 8.6 649,300
 7195.KL   COMINTEL CORPORATION BHD  Diversified Electronics Technology BM 13  0.095  0.005 5.6 40,500
 7207.KL   SUCCESS TRANSFORMER CORPORATION BERHAD  Diversified Electronics Technology BM 180  0.94  0.13 16.0 4,697,700
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