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1.Exchange: TSX
2.New 252-Bar Low
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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 AEF.TO   Acasta Enterprises Inc. Cl B Asset Management Financial TSX 26.58  0.35  -0.01 -2.78 4,000
 DXI.TO   DXI Energy Inc. Independent Oil & Gas Basic Materials TSX 5.52  0.015  -0.005 -25 579,160
 HSM.TO   Helius Medical Technologies Inc. Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology Healthcare TSX 12.71  0.355  -0.015 -4.05 45,845
 MCB.TO   McCoy Global Inc. Oil & Gas Equipment & Services Basic Materials TSX 11.05  0.34  -0.05 -12.82 24,875
 NXJ.TO   Nexj Systems Inc. Technical & System Software Technology TSX 12.66  0.48  -0.12 -20 1,000
 ONEB.TO   CI ONE North American Core Plus Bond ETF Exchange Traded Fund Financial TSX   50.15  3.39 7.25 561
 RGRE.TO   RBC Quant Global Real Estate Leaders ETF Exchange Traded Fund Financial TSX   14.26  -0.49 -3.32 465
 RXD.U.TO   RBC Quant Emrg Mkts Div Leaders ETF USD Exchange Traded Fund Financial TSX   11.87  -0.28 -2.3 1,400
 SRHI.TO   Sprott Resource Holdings Inc. Industrial Metals & Minerals Basic Materials TSX 10.05  0.30  0.05 20 258,493
 TZS.TO   Trez Capital Senior Mortgage Investment Corp. Asset Management Financial TSX 12.88  1.76  -0.04 -2.22 13,100
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