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Euronext Milan - Stock Screener

Euronext Milan, also known as Borsa Italiana, is the Italian stock exchange that operates within the wider pan-European Euronext exchange group. It is the main stock exchange in Italy and is home to some of the largest and most well-known Italian companies, such as Eni, Fiat Chrysler, and UniCredit.

Euronext Milan was formed in 1997 and is headquartered in Milan, Italy. It is one of the largest stock exchanges in Europe, with a market capitalization of over €600 billion. The exchange is regulated by the Italian Securities and Exchange Commission (CONSOB) and is a member of the Federation of European Securities Exchanges (FESE).

Euronext Milan is home to a wide range of Italian companies, including large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap firms. These companies operate in various industries, such as finance, telecommunications, energy, and consumer goods. The exchange also offers a range of financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives. is a leading financial research platform that provides investors with comprehensive and robust tools specifically designed for investors interested in Italian stocks traded on Euronext Milan. The platform offers a unique combination of Stock Screener, Backtester, Portfolio Tracker, Trade Alert, and Price Alert features that provide investors with a complete toolkit for making informed investment decisions.

The Stock Screener is one of the key features of It allows users to screen and backtest Italian stocks based on a variety of fundamental and technical criteria. The tool has advanced features that suit both beginners and experienced traders, including trend analysis, momentum and oscillators, pattern recognition, financial metrics, volatility, and other advanced techniques. Investors can customize the Stock Screener to indicate daily, weekly, or monthly periods. Additionally, the platform allows users to export a stock's raw data to Excel and perform additional calculations with one click.

Other features of include the Backtester, which allows investors to test their trading strategies against historical market data, and the Portfolio Tracker, which enables users to track their portfolio performance and risk. The Trade Alert and Price Alert features provide investors with real-time alerts on their selected stocks, helping them make timely investment decisions.

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