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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
American Finance Trust Inc 7.5 Pfd Series A
REIT - Diversified
Real Estate
 1,077.18  24.28  -0.17 -0.7 54,215
Avantor Inc
Specialty Chemicals
Basic Materials
 12,860  22.49  -0.01 -0.04 6,054,270
Bunge Ltd
Farm Products
Consumer Defensive
 6,440  45.70  0.52 1.15 882,862
Bridgford Foods Corp
Packaged Foods
Consumer Defensive
 163.48  18.31  -0.05 -0.27 2,656
CAI International Inc
Rental & Leasing Services
 452  27.53  0.1 0.36 68,161
Mr. Cooper Group Inc
Mortgage Finance
Financial Services
 1,930  22.32  0.08 0.36 1,275,769
Teucrium Corn Fund
Exchange Traded Fund
Financial Services
 148.12  13.11  0.39 3.07 1,179,738
CTO Realty Growth Inc
Real Estate - Development
Real Estate
 189.5  44.10  2 4.75 44,318
Citi Trends Inc
Apparel Retail
Consumer Cyclical
 253.84  24.98  0.24 0.97 266,120
Deere & Co
Farm & Heavy Construction Machinery
 68,710  221.63  1.45 0.66 1,876,588
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Education Trendlines - Technical Analysis from A to Z
One of the basic tenets put forth by Charles Dow in the Dow Theory is that security prices do trend. Trends are often measured and identified by "trendlines." A trendline is a sloping line that is drawn between two or more prominent points on a chart. Rising trends are defined by a trendline that is drawn between two or more troughs (low points) to identify price support. Falling trends are defined by trendlines that are drawn between two or more peaks (high points) to identify price resistance. Learn more

Education Trends - Technical Analysis from A to Z
A trend represents a consistent change in prices. Trends differ from support/resistance levels in that trends represent change, whereas support/resistance levels represent barriers to change. A rising trend is defined by successively higher low-prices. A rising trend can be thought of as a rising support level. The bulls are in control and are pushing prices higher. Learn more

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