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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 AA   Alcoa Corp  Aluminum Basic Materials NYSE 5,410  28.30  0.49 1.8 4,391,605
 AAC   Aac Holdings Inc  Specialized Health Services Healthcare NYSE 61  2.51  0.05 2.0 148,971
 AAPL   Apple Inc  Electronic Equipment Consumer Goods NASDAQ 723,990  153.92  0.62 0.4 20,838,511
 ABR   Arbor Realty Trust  REIT - Diversified Financial NYSE 957  11.21  0.10 0.9 856,531
 AC   Associated Capital Group Inc  Asset Management Financial NYSE 918  40.01  0.94 2.4 2,608
 ACAD   Acadia Pharmaceutica  Biotechnology Healthcare NASDAQ 2,540  20.81  0.49 2.4 1,454,950
 ACER   Acer Therapeutics Inc  Biotechnology Healthcare NASDAQ 251  25.00  0.20 0.8 12,023
 ACIA   Acacia Communica  Communication Equipment Technology NASDAQ 1,720  42.08  0.80 1.9 228,454
 ACIW   Aci Worldwide Inc  Technical & System Software Technology NASDAQ 3,330  28.43  0.20 0.7 953,502
 ACNB   Acnb Corp  Regional - Southwest Banks Financial NASDAQ 264  36.70  0.14 0.4 11,696
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