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2.Price Trending Down Last 7 Bars
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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 ALLK   Allakos Inc. Biotechnology Healthcare NASDAQ 2,340  44.04  -0.45 -1.01 493,914
 BBCP   Concrete Pumping Holdings Inc. General Contractors Industrial Goods NASDAQ 166.5  2.17  -0.69 -24.13 150,439
 BBW   Build-A-Bear Workshop Inc. Toy & Hobby Stores Services NYSE 22.53  1.22  -0.21 -14.69 187,584
 BURG   Chanticleer Holdings Inc. Restaurants Services NASDAQ 4.96  0.3371  -0.064 -15.96 2,187,305
 CBL   CBL & Associates Properties Inc. REIT - Retail Financial NYSE 46.63  0.18  -0.0201 -10.04 4,964,499
 CFB   CrossFirst Bankshares Inc.   NASDAQ 412.1  7.74  -0.66 -7.86 289,446
 CFRX   ContraFect Corp. Biotechnology Healthcare NASDAQ 89.69  4.69  -1.07 -18.58 258,329
 CLUB   Town Sports International Holdings Inc. Sporting Activities Services NASDAQ 15.08  0.459  -0.0411 -8.22 252,760
 CRC   California Resources Corp. Independent Oil & Gas Basic Materials NYSE 51.34  0.9365  -0.0635 -6.35 2,841,968
 CVM   CEL-SCI Corp. Biotechnology Healthcare NYSE 417.78  10.12  -1.42 -12.31 598,681
 DJPY   Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc. VelocityShares ETN Daily 4X Long USD vs. JPY Index Exchange Traded Fund Financial NYSE 0.95  21.94  -0.36 -1.61 641
 DOYU   DouYu International Holdings Ltd. ADR Internet Information Providers Technology NASDAQ 2,030  6.27  -0.14 -2.18 1,227,717
 DPK   Direxion Daily Developed Markets Bear 3x Shares Exchange Traded Fund Financial NYSE 4.87  15.78  1.25 8.6 30,063
 DXD   ProShares UltraShort Dow30 Exchange Traded Fund Financial NYSE 215.58  31.46  2.58 8.93 3,773,875
 FDP   Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. Farm Products Consumer Goods NYSE 1,410  26.93  -0.68 -2.46 388,076
 GJR   Synthetic Fixed-Income Securities Inc. Fltg Rate STRATS Series 2006-1 for Procter & Gamble Secs. Seies 2006-1 Specialty Chemicals Basic Materials NYSE   22.15  0 0 2
 HFFG   HF Foods Group Inc. Food Wholesale Services NASDAQ 417.16  7.09  -1.3 -15.49 380,471
 HHS   Harte-Hanks Inc. Marketing Services Services NYSE 9.9  1.18  -0.39 -24.84 45,359
 HVT-A   Haverty Furn Cl A SC Home Improvement Stores Services NYSE 239.12  12.64  0.37 3.02 104
 JBN   Select Asset Inc. CorTS for J.C. Penney Deb. Bkd Series 2007-1 Cl A-1 7.00 Specialty Chemicals Basic Materials NYSE   1.54  -0.05 -3.14 7,202
 JBR   Select Asset Inc. CBTC Series 2006 CorTS Cl A for J.C. Penney Deb. Tr Specialty Chemicals Basic Materials NYSE   1.53  0.04 2.68 4,699
 LACK   Direxion Daily Consumer Staples Bear 3X Shares Exchange Traded Fund Financial NYSE   17.19  0.99 6.11 9,994
 LIVKU   LIV Capital Acquisition Corp. Un   NASDAQ 58.8  9.80  0 0 14,900
 LMNR   Limoneira Co. Farm Products Consumer Goods NASDAQ 233.93  11.72  -1.38 -10.53 103,588
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