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Price Crossed Below MA(50)
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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 ABCB   Ameris Bancorp  Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks Financial NASDAQ 1,800  37.04  -1.29 -3.4 375,972
 ABEOW   Abeona Thera Wts  Biotechnology Healthcare NASDAQ   3.75  -0.25 -6.3 245
 ABIL   Ability Inc  Communication Equipment Technology NASDAQ 7  1.91  -0.08 -4.0 169,505
 ACA   Arcosa Inc.  Heavy Construction Industrial Goods NYSE 1,650  29.98  -1.54 -4.9 316,254
 ACBI   Atlantic Capital  Banks Financial NASDAQ 468  18.65  -0.36 -1.9 95,297
 ACCO   Acco Brands Corp  Business Equipment Consumer Goods NYSE 910  8.78  -0.16 -1.8 378,203
 ADES   Advanced Emissions Solutions Inc  Pollution & Treatment Controls Industrial Goods NASDAQ 231  11.09  -0.30 -2.6 136,778
 AFI   Armstrong Flooring Inc  General Building Materials Industrial Goods NYSE 350  13.58  -0.49 -3.5 148,146
 AGR   Avangrid Inc  Electric Utilities Utilities NYSE 14,940  48.69  -0.81 -1.6 298,459
 AINC   Ashford Inc  Asset Management Financial NYSE 146  57.50  -0.50 -0.9 4,156
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Education Moving Averages - Technical Analysis from A to Z
A Moving Average is an indicator that shows the average value of a security's price over a period of time. When calculating a moving average, a mathematical analysis of the security's average value over a predetermined time period is made. As the security's price changes, its average price moves up or down. The most popular method of interpreting a moving average is to compare the relationship between a moving average of the security's price with the security's price itself. A buy signal is generated when the security's price rises above its moving average and a sell signal is generated when the security's price falls below its moving average. Learn more

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