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1.Exchange: NYSE, NASDAQ
2.Price Crossed Below SMA(50)
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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 AAN   Aaron`s Inc  Rental & Leasing Services Services NYSE 3,700  53.78  -1.45 -2.6 11,370
 AAT   American Assets Trust  REIT - Retail Financial NYSE 2,180  45.47  -0.38 -0.8 1,153
 ABCB   Ameris Bancorp  Regional - Mid-Atlantic Banks Financial NASDAQ 1,730  35.35  -0.76 -2.1 4,280
 ABIO   Arca Biopharma Inc  Biotechnology Healthcare NASDAQ 20  7.17  -0.78 -9.8 87,291
 ACIU   AC Immune S.A.  Biotechnology Healthcare NASDAQ 332  4.85  -0.07 -1.4 1,306
 ACM   Aecom Technology Corp  Technical Services Services NYSE 5,150  31.77  -0.51 -1.6 8,054
 ACNB   Acnb Corp  Regional - Southwest Banks Financial NASDAQ 268  37.51  -0.30 -0.8 43
 ADC   Agree Realty Corp  REIT - Retail Financial NYSE 2,570  67.089  -0.25 -0.4 2,176
 AEH   Aegon N.V. Perp Cap Secs  Property & Casualty Insurance Financial NYSE 52,700  25.79  -0.02 -0.077 120,670
 AER   Aercap Holdings N.V.  Air Services, Other Services NYSE 6,910  47.69  -1.45 -3.0 18,133
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Education Moving Averages - Technical Analysis from A to Z
A Moving Average is an indicator that shows the average value of a security's price over a period of time. When calculating a moving average, a mathematical analysis of the security's average value over a predetermined time period is made. As the security's price changes, its average price moves up or down. The most popular method of interpreting a moving average is to compare the relationship between a moving average of the security's price with the security's price itself. A buy signal is generated when the security's price rises above its moving average and a sell signal is generated when the security's price falls below its moving average. Learn more

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