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   Price Crossed Above MA(26)     
Price Crossed Above MA(26)
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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 ACTG   Acacia Res-Acacia  Business Services Services NASDAQ 154  3.11  0.02 0.6 196,496
 ADBE   Adobe Systems Inc  Application Software Technology NASDAQ 124,600  260.42  2.66 1.0 4,014,728
 AFK   Africa Index ETF Vaneck  Exchange Traded Fund Financial NYSE 58  21.84  0.06 0.3 2,782
 AGRO   Adecoagro S.A.  Farm Products Consumer Goods NYSE 811  7.09  0.08 1.1 383,914
 AIRT   Air T Inc  Air Delivery & Freight Services Services NASDAQ 61  32.78  2.47 8.1 1,190
 AKO-A   Embotell Andina Sa Cl A  Beverages - Soft Drinks Consumer Goods NYSE 3,080  19.853  0.21 1.1 757
 AKO-B   Embotell Andna Sa Cl B  Beverages - Soft Drinks Consumer Goods NYSE 3,380  22.39  0.39 1.8 9,402
 AKTS   Akoustis Technologies Inc  Communication Equipment Technology NASDAQ 193  6.70  0.25 3.9 162,473
 ALT   Altimmune Inc  Biotechnology Healthcare NASDAQ 25  3.31  0.42 14.5 20,513,421
 AMD   Adv Micro Devices  Semiconductor - Broad Line Technology NASDAQ 24,600  26.00  2.75 11.8 152,413,339
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Education Moving Averages - Technical Analysis from A to Z
A Moving Average is an indicator that shows the average value of a security's price over a period of time. When calculating a moving average, a mathematical analysis of the security's average value over a predetermined time period is made. As the security's price changes, its average price moves up or down. The most popular method of interpreting a moving average is to compare the relationship between a moving average of the security's price with the security's price itself. A buy signal is generated when the security's price rises above its moving average and a sell signal is generated when the security's price falls below its moving average. Learn more

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