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1.Exchange: NYSE, NASDAQ
2.MACD(12,26,9) Bearish Divergence
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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 AAXN   Axon Inc  Aerospace/Defense Products & Services Industrial Goods NASDAQ 4,020  65.43  -2.57 -3.8 1,030,771
 ACP   Avenue Income Credit Strategies  Closed End Funds Financial NYSE 169  12.92  -0.04 -0.3 165,968
 AFB   Alliance National Municipal  Closed-End Fund - Debt Financial NYSE 375  13.10  0.04 0.3 52,207
 AGG   US Aggregate Bond Ishares Core ETF  Exchange Traded Fund Financial NYSE 60,833  108.88  -0.15 -0.1 1,954,997
 AGGE   IQ Enhanced Core Bond U.S. ETF  Exchange Traded Fund Financial NYSE 89  18.855  -0.01 -0.053 5,395
 AGGY   Wisdomtree Yield Enhcd US Agg Bond Fund  Exchange Traded Fund Financial NYSE 611  50.02  -0.05 -0.10 131,928
 AGZ   Agency Bond Ishares ETF  Exchange Traded Fund Financial NYSE 517  113.53  -0.11 -0.097 25,534
 AIC   Arlington Asset Investment Cor  Asset Management Financial NYSE 330  24.50  0.39 1.6 14,497
 ALBO   Albireo Pharma Inc  Biotechnology Healthcare NASDAQ 433  35.61  -0.37 -1.0 25,369
 ALOT   Astronova Inc  Computer Peripherals Technology NASDAQ 185  26.30  -0.28 -1.1 17,899
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Education MACD - Technical Analysis from A to Z
The MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence) is a trend following momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of prices. The MACD is the difference between a 26-day and 12-day exponential moving average. A 9-day exponential moving average, called the "signal" line is plotted on top of the MACD to show buy/sell opportunities. The MACD proves most effective in wide-swinging trading markets. There are three popular ways to use the MACD: crossovers, overbought/oversold conditions, and divergences. Learn more

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