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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 ADTN   Adtran Inc  Communication Equipment Technology NASDAQ 567  12.27  0.49 4.2 695,313
 AMOV   America Movil A ADR  Wireless Communications Technology NYSE 52,800  15.87  0.08 0.5 2,619
 AOSL   Alpha and Omega Semi  Semiconductor - Specialized Technology NASDAQ 246  11.80  1.47 14.2 258,059
 BLE   Blackrock Muni Income Trust II  Asset Management Financial NYSE 317  13.95  0.34 2.5 216,182
 DFVS   Ipath US Treasury 5 Yr Bear ETN  Banks Financial NASDAQ 4  34.10  2.60 8.3 1,070
 DTSS   Datasea Inc  Software Technology NASDAQ 68  3.85  0.29 8.1 4,285
 EFSC   Enterprises Finl Svc  Regional - Southwest Banks Financial NASDAQ 992  46.45  2.95 6.8 350,279
 FWP   Forward Pharma Ads  Biotechnology Healthcare NASDAQ 50  1.15  0.05 4.5 4,745
 GENC   Gencor Industries In  Farm & Construction Machinery Industrial Goods NASDAQ 182  13.25  0.47 3.7 45,175
 GTYH   Gty Technology Holdings Inc  Software Technology NASDAQ 357  10.17  -0.03 -0.3 91,538
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