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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 CLRO   Clearone Inc  Communication Equipment Technology NASDAQ 30  2.09  0.04 2.0 10,822
 FKU   UK Alphadex Fund FT  Exchange Traded Fund Financial NASDAQ 11  36.78  -0.51 -1.4 3,605
 FTRI   Indxx Global Natural Resources Income ETF FT  Exchange Traded Fund Financial NASDAQ 9  12.40  -0.20 -1.6 2,396
 GFNSL   Genrl Fin Sr Nt 2021  Business Services Services NASDAQ 138  25.75  0.05 0.2 960
 MINDP   Mitcham Industries Inc  Scientific & Technical Instruments Technology NASDAQ 43  24.65  -0.03 -0.1 647
 NTZ   Natuzzi S.P.A.  Home Furnishings & Fixtures Consumer Goods NYSE 55  5.04  0.18 3.7 910
 USDU   Wisdomtree USD Bullish Fund  Exchange Traded Fund Financial NYSE 48  27.11  0.01 0.037 17,095
 WHLR   Wheeler Real Estate  REIT - Retail Financial NASDAQ 16  1.92  -0.010 -0.5 23,017
 XUSA   Quantx Dynamic Beta US Equity ETF  Exchange Traded Fund Financial NYSE 9  29.21  -0.33 -1.1 1,507
 YUMA   Yuma Energy Inc  Independent Oil & Gas Basic Materials NYSE 3  0.12  0.00 0.00 457,601
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