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  Michael C. Thomsett

Michael C. Thomsett is the best-selling options author in the United States as of 2010. His options books collectively have sold more copies than anyone else. He also writes extensively on technical analysis, candlestick charting, and a wide range of other investment topics.

Thomsett also contributes articles to many websites, including Minyanville Media and Trading Markets; and to many investor-oriented magazines, including Better Investing and the AAII Journal. He is also a contributing author to a new series of online articles started by FT Press in 2010, called Insights for the Agile Investor.

Before starting his writing career in 1978, Thomsett was an accountant. From 1978 through 1984 he wrote part-time and was a consultant in the financial services industry. He has been writing fulltime since 1985 and has published more than 70 books.

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