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Mutual funds continue to enjoy the spot light on the global investment stage. At the end of 2012's first quarter the global mutual fund assets stood at $25.59 trillion, after an increase of 7.6%. The net cash flow in 2012 Q1, was $209 billion, up from $85 billion at the end of 2011 Q4.

Mutual funds are doing well and so is the need for a reliable mutual fund screener. As the level of investment in mutual funds climbs without stopping for breath, the role of an advanced mutual fund screener such as the MarketInOut Stock Screener becomes invaluable. Feature rich screener, designed to make you rich. The MarketInOut is an excellent screener for mutual fund traders because it lets you use mutual funds as criteria when screening for investments on stock exchanges. The other incredible features of MarketInOut Stock Screener makes it a very useful mutual fund screener. For instance you can use the amazing Backtester tool this tool to see how your mutual fund screening strategy would have worked out if you used it in the past. This is an excellent feature for fine tuning your mutual fund investing strategy. The MarketInOut Stock Screener is a complete solution for mutual fund investors. Its wide array of features gives you the chance to screen diverse investment avenues. With just a couple of clicks you can focus on international stock exchanges, screen by market capitalization and filter specific industries.

As mutual funds are not limited to any one stock, the abundance of markets and industries covered by MarketInOut's mutual fund screener makes it easy for investors to manage their investments, identify opportunities and minimize risks. You can quickly screen results against technical and fundamental criteria with the screener.

Find the best mutual funds. Finding the right mutual funds to buy is a crucial and perpetual duty of the investor. MarketInOut's mutual fund screener helps investors perform this duty successfully. The stock screener is simple to use and smart investors are putting it to good use. You can enjoy incredible ROI by using the screener just like successful and rich investors are doing right now.

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