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1.Exchange: NYSE, NASDAQ
2.MACDH(12,26,9) Crossed Below 0
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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 ABUS   Arbutus Biopharma Cp  Biotechnology Healthcare NASDAQ 136  1.91  -0.09 -4.5 248,232
 ACH   Aluminum Corp of China Ltd  Aluminum Basic Materials NYSE 8,870  8.44  -0.09 -1.1 19,760
 AGFSW   Agrofresh Sol Wrrnts  Industrial Metals & Minerals Basic Materials NASDAQ   0.03  -0.03 -50.0 4,145
 AHH   Armada Hoffler Properties Inc  REIT - Diversified Financial NYSE 1,150  16.55  0.05 0.3 269,807
 AMTX   Aemetis Inc  Specialty Chemicals Basic Materials NASDAQ 23  1.15  -0.010 -0.9 13,271
 AMZA   Infracap MLP ETF  Exchange Traded Fund Financial NYSE 461  5.56  0.06 1.1 463,051
 APT   Alpha Pro Tech  General Building Materials Industrial Goods NYSE 49  3.60  -0.06 -1.6 7,710
 APVO   Aptevo Therapeutics Inc  Biotechnology Healthcare NASDAQ 33  0.71  -0.019 -2.6 310,634
 ARA   American Renal Associates Holdi    NYSE   6.23  -0.05 -0.8 96,999
 ATAX   Amer First Mf Inv  Mortgage Investment Financial NASDAQ 428  7.05  -0.03 -0.4 71,711
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Education MACD - Technical Analysis from A to Z
The MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence) is a trend following momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of prices. The MACD is the difference between a 26-day and 12-day exponential moving average. A 9-day exponential moving average, called the "signal" line is plotted on top of the MACD to show buy/sell opportunities. The MACD proves most effective in wide-swinging trading markets. There are three popular ways to use the MACD: crossovers, overbought/oversold conditions, and divergences. Learn more

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