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   RSI(14) Bullish Divergence     
RSI(14) Bullish Divergence
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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 ABR-A    Arbor Realty Trust Inc    NYSE   25.51  0.03 0.1 0
 AINC    Ashford Inc  Asset Management Financial NYSE 99  50.00  0.00 0.00 470
 AIRI    Air Industries Group  Aerospace/Defense Products & Services Industrial Goods NYSE 21  1.84  -0.10 -5.2 45,922
 ALBO    Albireo Pharma Inc  Biotechnology Healthcare NASDAQ 154  17.50  -0.79 -4.3 15,548
 ALDR    Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc  Biotechnology Healthcare NASDAQ 860  13.48  -5.23 -28.0 13,337,439
 ALSN    Allison Transmission Holdings Inc  Auto Parts Consumer Goods NYSE 5,696  37.24  -0.38 -1.0 985,056
 AMID    American Midstream Partners LP  Oil & Gas Pipelines Basic Materials NYSE 592  12.35  -0.20 -1.6 177,386
 APC    Anadarko Petroleum Corp  Independent Oil & Gas Basic Materials NYSE 33,500  43.80  -1.12 -2.5 8,607,694
 ASX    Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc  Semiconductor Equipment & Materials Technology NYSE 10,511  6.16  -0.05 -0.8 1,880,992
 ATMP    Barclays Bank PLC  Banks Financial NYSE   21.72  0.10 0.5 61,241
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Education Relative Strength Index (RSI) - Technical Analysis from A to Z
The Relative Strength Index ("RSI") is a popular oscillator. It was first introduced by Welles Wilder in an article in Commodities Magazine in June, 1978. When Wilder introduced the RSI, he recommended using a 14-day RSI. Since then, the 9-day and 25-day RSIs have also gained popularity. Because you can vary the number of time periods in the RSI calculation, I suggest that you experiment to find the period that works best for you. The fewer days used to calculate the RSI, the more volatile the indicator. Learn more

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