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   Momentum(50) Reached Its Minimum and Reversed     
Momentum(50) Reached Its Minimum and Reversed
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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 AAMC    Altisource Asset Management Corp  Asset Management Financial NYSE 119  82.60  6.85 9.0 2,380
 AGFSW    Agrofresh Solutions Inc  Industrial Metals & Minerals Basic Materials NASDAQ   0.71  0.01 1.4 6,000
 AVXL    Anavex Life Sciences Corp  Biotechnology Healthcare NASDAQ 160  3.99  0.06 1.5 23,257
 CAMT    Camtek Ltd  Semiconductor Equipment & Materials Technology NASDAQ 151  4.32  0.02 0.5 15,868
 CLLS    Cellectis SA  Biotechnology Healthcare NASDAQ 780  23.25  1.23 5.6 18,361
 CPIX    Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc  Drug Manufacturers - Other Healthcare NASDAQ 110  6.90  0.17 2.5 7,464
 CZFC    Citizens First Corp  Regional - Southeast Banks Financial NASDAQ 53  21.00  -0.06 -0.3 700
 EUDV    ProShares MSCI Europe Dividend Growers ETF  Exchange Traded Fund Financial NYSE   40.38  0.17 0.4 492
 FSI    Flexible Solutions International Inc  Specialty Chemicals Basic Materials NYSE 22  1.888  0.0076 0.4 7,938
 JASNW    Jason Industries Inc.  Diversified Machinery Industrial Goods NASDAQ   0.053  0.00 0.00 72,790
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Education Momentum - Technical Analysis from A to Z
The Momentum indicator measures the amount that a security's price has changed over a given time span. The interpretation of the Momentum indicator is identical to the interpretation of the Price ROC. Both indicators display the rate-of-change of a security's price. However, the Price ROC indicator displays the rate-of-change as a percentage whereas the Momentum indicator displays the rate-of-change as a ratio. Learn more

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