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   Momentum(3) Bullish Divergence Last 3 Days     
Momentum(3) Bullish Divergence Last 3 Days
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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 EARS   Auris Medical  Biotechnology Healthcare NASDAQ 15  0.264  -0.0013 -0.5 700,901
 NKX   Nuveen Insured California Tax-Free  Closed End Funds Financial NYSE 678  14.01  -0.03 -0.2 60,805
 NUM   Nuveen Michigan Quality  Closed End Funds Financial NYSE 269  12.73  -0.02 -0.2 32,832
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Education Momentum - Technical Analysis from A to Z
The Momentum indicator measures the amount that a security's price has changed over a given time span. The interpretation of the Momentum indicator is identical to the interpretation of the Price ROC. Both indicators display the rate-of-change of a security's price. However, the Price ROC indicator displays the rate-of-change as a percentage whereas the Momentum indicator displays the rate-of-change as a ratio. Learn more

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