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   Momentum(13) Reached Its Minimum and Reversed     
Momentum(13) Reached Its Minimum and Reversed
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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 ADRD    BLDRS Developed Markets 100 ADR Index  Investment Trusts Financial NASDAQ 61  21.94  -0.02 -0.091 1,578
 ADRU    BLDRS Europe 100 ADR Index  Investment Trusts Financial NASDAQ 14  21.55  0.14 0.7 2,830
 AM    Antero Midstream Partners LP  Oil & Gas Pipelines Basic Materials NYSE 6,123  31.75  0.00 0.00 657,360
 BKLN    PowerShares Senior Loan Portfolio  Exchange Traded Fund Financial NYSE   23.12  0.02 0.087 4,712,754
 CEN    Center Coast MLP & Infrastructure Fund  Closed End Funds Financial NYSE   10.57  0.13 1.2 240,893
 CNNX    Cone Midstream Partners LP  Oil & Gas Pipelines Basic Materials NYSE 1,250  18.12  -0.47 -2.5 102,337
 CQP    Cheniere Energy Partners LP  Oil & Gas Pipelines Basic Materials NYSE 10,506  31.45  0.37 1.2 503,255
 DSE    Duff & Phelps Select Energy MLP Fund Inc  Closed End Funds Financial NYSE   6.68  -0.04 -0.6 123,577
 EFV    Ishares Msci Value Index Fund  Exchange Traded Fund Financial NYSE 5,234  51.48  0.12 0.2 395,235
 EGN    Energen Corp  Independent Oil & Gas Basic Materials NYSE 5,055  47.94  -0.34 -0.7 1,253,936
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Education Momentum - Technical Analysis from A to Z
The Momentum indicator measures the amount that a security's price has changed over a given time span. The interpretation of the Momentum indicator is identical to the interpretation of the Price ROC. Both indicators display the rate-of-change of a security's price. However, the Price ROC indicator displays the rate-of-change as a percentage whereas the Momentum indicator displays the rate-of-change as a ratio. Learn more

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