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   Symbol   Name   Industry   Sector   Exchange  Cap, mln  Last  Change  Change, %  Volume
 AFST    Amtrust Financial Services Inc  Property & Casualty Insurance Financial NYSE   26.33  0.18 0.7 10,582
 AIMT    Aimmune Therap  Biotechnology Healthcare NASDAQ 1,326  25.89  0.78 3.1 855,275
 AMG    Affiliated Managers Group  Asset Management Financial NYSE 10,910  195.30  1.75 0.9 291,634
 ATSG    Air Transport  Air Delivery & Freight Services Services NASDAQ 1,478  24.78  0.43 1.8 410,845
 BANF    Bancfirst Corp  Regional - Southwest Banks Financial NASDAQ 1,824  58.25  0.60 1.0 18,666
 BBT    BB&T Corp  Regional - Southeast Banks Financial NYSE 38,380  47.03  0.33 0.7 2,511,974
 BWA    Borgwarner Inc  Auto Parts Consumer Goods NYSE 10,920  52.17  1.04 2.0 1,860,887
 BX    The Blackstone Group LP  Asset Management Financial NYSE 40,043  33.26  0.33 1.0 3,133,190
 CNET    Chinanet Online Hldg  Advertising Agencies Services NASDAQ 13  1.34  0.22 19.6 319,302
 EPE    Ep Energy Corp  Independent Oil & Gas Basic Materials NYSE 842  2.88  0.11 4.0 623,426
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