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 Symbol Name Industry Sector ExchangeCap, mlnLastChangeChange, %Volume
 APU    AmeriGas Partners LP  Gas Utilities Utilities NYSE 4,130  46.36  0.74 1.6 418,148
 CHN    The China Fund, Inc.  Closed-End Fund - Foreign Financial NYSE 350  22.43  0.17 0.8 28,416
 HNP    Huaneng Power International, Inc.  Foreign Utilities Utilities NYSE 14,129  47.96  3.11 6.9 150,244
 IRE    The Governor and Company of The Bank of Ireland  Foreign Regional Banks Financial NYSE 11,626  16.31  0.57 3.6 523,884
 NSC    Norfolk Southern Corp.  Railroads Services NYSE 31,951  106.82  1.29 1.2 1,238,638
 NTWK    NetSol Technologies, Inc.  Application Software Technology NASDAQ 34  3.88  1.11 40.1 1,815,375
 RY    Royal Bank of Canada  Money Center Banks Financial NYSE 105,104  74.53  0.87 1.2 610,976
 RYAAY    Ryanair Holdings plc  Regional Airlines Services NASDAQ 12,501  55.44  2.15 4.0 397,247
 TWTC    TW Telecom Inc.  Telecom Services - Domestic Technology NASDAQ 5,335  40.87  1.23 3.1 572,609
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