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 Symbol Name Industry Sector ExchangeCap, mlnLastChangeChange, %Volume
 AE    Adams Resources & Energy Inc.  Basic Materials Wholesale Services NYSE 157  40.25  1.61 4.2 2,821
 AJG    Arthur J Gallagher & Co.  Insurance Brokers Financial NYSE 7,960  46.05  1.64 3.7 2,001,114
 CATM    Cardtronics Inc.  Business Services Services NASDAQ 1,660  39.42  2.70 7.4 1,055,501
 CRED    Core US Credit Bond ETF Ishares  Exchange Traded Fund Financial NYSE   111.39  0.25 0.2 22,389
 GMTB    Columbia Core Bond ETF  Exchange Traded Fund Financial NYSE   52.54  0.36 0.7 2,567
 HMSY    HMS Holdings Corp.  Business Services Services NASDAQ 1,210  16.89  2.47 17.1 3,037,950
 IKNX    Ikonics Corp.  Specialty Chemicals Basic Materials NASDAQ 23  11.44  0.63 5.8 4,055
 ISHG    iShares S&P/Citi 1-3 Yr Intl Treasury Bd  Exchange Traded Fund Financial NASDAQ   83.47  0.73 0.9 2,655
 KBSF    Kbs Fashion Group Limited  Textile - Apparel Clothing Consumer Goods NASDAQ 13  0.405  0.112 38.2 45,971
 SGG    iPath DJ AIG Sugar TR Sub-Idx ETN  Exchange Traded Fund Financial NYSE   37.20  1.89 5.4 87,534
 STRZA    Starz Series A Liberty Capital  Entertainment - Diversified Services NASDAQ 2,580  27.21  2.39 9.6 2,088,983
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