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Market In&Out Stock Screener helps to find best trading opportunities on the market using widest variety of technical and fundamental selection criteria and the most advanced features that suit both the beginner and the more experienced trader.
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Use   periods for all technical indicators
Alert me via   TM  when new stocks are added to the screen,

You can select criteria from many categories covering trend analysis, momentum and oscillators, price and volume actions, Japanese candlesticks, point-and-figure, Renko charting, line studies, pattern recognition, relative strength and profitability measures, financial metrics, volatility, price distribution systems and many other advanced techniques.

Screen for US, UK & Europe, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indian stocks, filter by exchange, sector or by industry to find the best stocks for you. By including companies traded on foreign exchanges, you can find trading opportunities that others have overlooked. You can customize the Stock Screener to indicate daily or weekly time periods. It is also possible to narrow Stock Universe to a specific list of stocks utilizing Watch List criteria in the Stock Screener. With one click, you can export stocks raw data to Excel and perform additional calculations.

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