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Forex Correlation Correlation Calculator  
Learning about forex correlation helps traders manage their portfolios more appropriately. Regardless of your trading strategy and whether you are looking to diversify your positions or find alternate pairs to leverage your view, it is very important to keep in mind the correlation between various currency pairs and their shifting trends

Symbol   Period, days  
 AUDCAD   1.000000 
 AUDNZD   0.850726 
 AUDCHF   0.833461 
 USDCAD   0.813997 
 AUDDKK   0.809429 
 USDCHF   0.702563 
 USDDKK   0.699320 
 EURNZD   0.652107 
 AUDNOK   0.554164 
 SGDJPY   0.477917 
 GBPCAD   0.465977 
 USDNOK   0.459928 
 AUDJPY   0.392587 
 USDMXN   0.389798 
 USDJPY   0.312281 
 AUDSEK   0.276763 
 GBPCHF   0.264611 
 EURCAD   0.229901 
 GBPDKK   0.222243 
 EURCHF   0.195412 
 USDSEK   0.187723 
 EURDKK   0.117817 
 AUDUSD   0.081678 
 GBPNOK   -0.056441 
 AUDSGD   -0.060772 
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Education Stock Correlation - Explanation
Correlation is the statistical measure of the relationship between two currency pairs. The correlation coefficient ranges between -1 and +1. A correlation of +1 implies that the two currency pairs will move in the same direction 100% of the time. A correlation of -1 implies the two currency pairs will move in the opposite direction 100% of the time. A correlation of zero implies that the relationship between the currency pairs is completely random. Correlations do not always remain stable and can even change on a daily basis. Correlation analysis can help you to diversify your positions. Imperfect correlation between two different currency pairs allows for more diversification and marginally lower risk.

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